We, at SPARTED, are convinced that any employees or organisation’s stakeholders can become an expert and the best ambassador in his field . Yes. Everyone dreams of reaching the top level.
But everyone dreams to do it without effort or constraint, quickly, easily and while entertaining. We believe that a short and great experience, repeated every day can make this real.

L'équipe SPARTED dans un parc en été chaque personne avec un pull à l'image de l'entreprise

We believe in game. Life is a game, even when it comes to professional fields. And game is the best way to learn, understand and improve yourself.

We believe in mobility. Wherever they are, leting people choose by themselves the most convenient time & place to interact, on their own device, is the best way to efficiently engage them.

We believe in little steps. Generations have changed, they want it all, quick and easy. Digital noise is everywhere, focus nowhere. The addressable daily slot is short but exists. Our challenge is to find and capture it.

We believe in everyday repetition. Athletes, artists, craftspersons and passionate people, develop talent because they try, repeat and iterate every day, unremittingly.

We believe in beauty. Beautiful design & delightful experience help to raise people support and identification, and to engage them in the process.

We believe in positive addiction. When addiction is a good habit, it serves goodwill, meaningful choices and goals.

We believe in long term approach. One time trainings are nice, but people really memorize and integrate only what they experience day after day through months, years, through a ritual attitude. Long term is the key to create reflex and thus culture.

We believe in fun. As Mary Poppins taught us: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – snap! – the job’s a game!”

We believe in knowledge. It’s the way to becoming free and bringing sense into everyone’s life.

We believe in learners. Any knowledge is worth only the number of learners that ultimately really get it. Our users are learners turned into players. And our players are kings.

We believe in technologies, digital, innovation and disruption. Knowledge is not a property enclosed in a temple. Knowledge is a living flow that has to be continuously created, protected, rethought, improved and accelerated through time and ages.

We are SPARTED and we believe, above all, in what we try to do: Make the world learning easier and more fun.
And because it’s not an easy thing to do, we believe hard in it, every day, everywhere, with passion, with fun… with you.

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