Mobile learning for your sales teams

Increase your sales sustainably

By improving your sellers' expertise and performance thanks to a gamified, social and easy-to-use mobile learning solution.

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 SPARTED - Le mobile learning pour les ventes
They are boosting their sales
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Your teams need continuous training.

To master product catalog and new collections

To apply the best sales techniques and pitches

To remain aligned with the organisation's goals and strategy

Conventional training is not enough to engage them.

Too conventional and not adapted to the constraints for field employees

Too time-consuming for your teams and often very costly

Not exciting, punctual and irregular throughout the year

Lacking regular social interactions between learners

Campagne de micro-learning Connaissances Produit

Continuous improve
product knowledge

By challenging your teams daily on their mastery of your product catalog, you:

Improve your sellers' knowledge of your product and services specificities,

Inform and prepare your employees for new product launches,

Help new recruits master your product catalog faster.

Truly boost
sales know-how

By continously engaging your teams with sales knowledge, you:

Improve sales pitch and processes mastery,

Share sales techniques and protocols to apply,

Encourage the development of sales reflexes.

Campagne de micro learning Techniques de ventes
Diffusion d'information avec le mobile learning

Reinforce strategic alignment

By sharing the right information everyday, you:

Align your salesforce on your goals and strategic priorities,

Raise awareness on new market trends and consumers' expectations,

Maintain your teams informed about your organisation's news.

For a true positive impact on your sales
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increase in sales volume for Yves Rocher stores using the app


Dorel sellers reporting having sold more or better thanks to the solution


turnover for Stanhome sellers using the app


Dorel sellers reporting having sold more than 4 additional products

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Why is SPARTED's solution efficient?
Mobile Learning - Gain de points et Classement

"This app allows us to be kept regularly informed of the various systems put in place by GRDF and to propose and present precise arguments to our customers."

Jérémy D.
App player

“We were able to prove that people who train on the StanPlay app perform much better in terms of turnover, in terms of commercial activity and motivation. That means everything to us.”

Responsable Mobile Learning Stanhome
Florian Le Gendre
Digital Project Manager

"It's fun to challenge each other and share knowledge. I find myself repeating the phrases I learned in the app to the clients I serve, so I see it helping me in my job."

Kimberley M.
Dorel player
SPARTED - Gestion intuitive du Back Office
Easy and intuitive
An easy-to-use Back-office

Create, preview and broadcast your training content in a few clics. Analyse the impact of your trainings directly from your interface.

Ready-to-use content

Save time on content create and campaign planification thanks to our off-the-shelf training modules.

SPARTED supports you throughout your project
A dedicated expert

Advice and return of experience from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

High quality support

Quick to react and all ears, also available directly within the app

Unlimited trainings

Throughout your subscription to optimise your use of the platform

Off-the-shelf contents

Ready-to-use training modules to engage your learners on new topics

Additional resources

Best practices and advice accessible from your interface

How does our mobile learning solution works?

Request a demo with one of our experts and discover SPARTED's social, gamified and easy-to-deploy mobile learning experience.

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Personalise your solution

Choose your colors and design, set up your platform with our team's help.

Create and share your contents

In a few clics from our dedicated interface and with the help of some AI.

Measure your results

Follow the impact your efforts, as well as your players' progression and satisfaction.


"Our players really appreciate the StanPlay app, it's a real valuable tool for them. And in terms of indicators, these are people who stay longer within the company. within the company. "

Florian Le Gendre
Digital Project Manager
Hyundai Motor France

“Nous avons réussi à atteindre notre objectif annuel de +30% de ventes mixtes de véhicules électriques. SPARTED nous a aidé dans l'atteinte de ce résultat car cette solution a su répondre à notre besoin tout au long de l'année.”

Responsable Mobile Learning Hyundai
Laure Meignan
Responsable Formation Réseau
Kenzo Parfums

"Grâce à l'application KENZO PLAY, nous avons formés plus de 4 400 conseillers beauté chaque mois sur la marque, les parfums et les soins KENZO."

Denis Jaffrain
International Retail Education Director
Our mobile learning FAQ
Most frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of mobile learning?

Mobile learning, mobile e-learning or m-learning, is an educational strategy that takes advantage of mobile electronic devices, such as tablets or phones, to deliver training content. Mobile learning is particularly suitable for employee constraints: mobile training can be carried out more flexibly, at any time and in any place. Did you know? Worldwide, 96% of 16-64 year olds own a smartphone and spend an average of 4h48 per day on it. Why not modernize your training by broadcasting it on such a popular medium? Mobile learning is the future of training as it adapts to the habits of the modern employee.

What if my learners do not have a professional mobile phone?

This is the question of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or the use of personal phones in a professional context. As SPARTED offers a radically short and often non-mandatory experience, many of our learners use their personal phones. Our solution is also available in a web app version, accessible from PC.

How long does it take to create training content?

Creating a question in your Back Office takes a few seconds. On the scale of a campaign of 5 to 10 days (taking into account planning, design, coordination, validation, animation and communication) it takes on average up to 2.5 days per campaign. Short on time ? You can optionally outsource the creation of your content to SPARTED or its partners.

Is SPARTED solution available is several languages?

Our solution is available in 34 languages ​​and today already used in more than 50 countries around the world.

How much does a subscription to SPARTED platform cost?

Our business model is based on an annual subscription, the price of which depends mainly on the number of annual active users. We work with user packages, with a strong decrease in price per user as volume increases. We also offer pilots for shorter durations. Contact us for more information !

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