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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we've compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about our mobile learning solution.
At SPARTED, we are dedicated to making professional training simple, engaging, and effective. Our FAQ is here to guide you and provide all the necessary information about our platform.

SPARTED - Cas d'usages
What is SPARTED?
Where is SPARTED based?
Since when has SPARTED been in existence?
What are the goals of our solution?
What are the benefits of mobile learning?
Why adopt SPARTED's Microlearning?
What is Adaptive Learning?
What is Social Learning with SPARTED?
The solution
How can SPARTED solution help my company?
Is the SPARTED solution available in multiple languages?
Our terms
What is a Course in our solution?
What is a Campaign?
What is an Ambassador in SPARTED?
How much does a subscription to the SPARTED platform cost?
Support & Assistance
How long does it take to create content?
What types of content do you offer?

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