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Stanhome boosts product sales with SPARTED

A need to unite teams to increase sales
Stanhome, the leading home shopping retailer of beauty, hygiene and home care products, aimed to improve the sales performance of its independent salespeople and reduce employee turnover by: 1) Improving product knowledge, 2) Accelerating the onboarding of new VDIs and 3) Strengthening the sense of belonging to the brand.
They have implemented SPARTED's mobile learning
Step 1
Content preparation
Stanhome ensures that the skills of these teams are developed around three major areas: product expertise, order and delivery management and managerial skills.
Step 2
Solution deployment
Through regular campaigns and dynamic communication via Breaking News, Stanhome has hired more than 7,800 independent saleswomen and area managers since 2018.
Step 3
Progress monitoring
With SPARTED, Stanhome measures the progress in terms of knowledge retention from its back office. All this while reinforcing the sense of belonging of a nomadic and non-salaried population.
The results they achieved
additional turnover for sellers using the app
active participation on Stanlay app
employee turnover among trained sellers

What they throught about it

"We have been able to prove that people who train on the StanPlay app perform much better in terms of turnover, in terms of business activity and motivation. That means everything to us."
Florian Le Gendre
Digital Project Manager

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