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Renault Trucks improves its after-sales service

A need to optimise customer relations on a global scale
As the international leader in road transport, Renault Trucks aimed to improve the quality of service provided to customers by its technicians by: 1) Strengthening the role of after-sales service in customer relations, 2) Improving the expertise of technicians and 3) Harmonising practices across the world.
They have implemented SPARTED's mobile learning
Step 1
Content preparation
Renault Trucks ensures that the skills of these teams are developed around three major areas of training: technical knowledge and product specificities, commercial discourse and the attitudes to adopt when dealing with customers, and cognitive skills.
Step 2
Solution deployment
Since 2018, Renault Trucks has progressively deployed the solution in 127 countries, with more than 867 technicians thanks to the scalability of the platform.
Step 3
Progress monitoring
With SPARTED, Renault Trucks facilitates the development of the skills of its after-sales teams and measures real results from its interface: 92% active participation, 76% content replay, 73% knowledge mastery.
The results they achieved
technicians engaged with the Game of Trucks application
knowledge mastery
countries addressed

What they throught about it

"The gamified microlearning experience that SPARTED offers allows our teams to really progress in their learning. Playfully on the app, they become aware of what they have learned or what knowledge they need to improve on."
Maria Nahid
Service Market Flying Trainer

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