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Hyundai Motor France boosts sales of electric vehicles

A need to optimise product promotion and sales
As the world's 5th largest car manufacturer and the brand with the widest range of electrified vehicles on the market, Hyundai Motor France aimed to boost its sales of electric and hybrid vehicles by: 1) Aligning dealership sellers with new product launches and specifics, 2) Educating on complex topics related to clean mobility, as well as 3) Offering an innovative training experience that reflects the Hyundai culture
They have implemented SPARTED's mobile learning
Step 1
Content preparation
Hyundai ensures that its sales staff are given the opportunity to develop their skills through micro-learning campaigns focusing on three major areas: product outputs and specificities, taxation of clean vehicles and Hyundai technologies.
Step 2
Solution deployment
Since 2020, Hyundai has deployed an innovative gamified learning experience to over 300 sellers across its 180 car dealerships in France.
Step 3
Progress monitoring
From the Analytics, Hyundai measures the participation of its teams and their progress. But also an engagement on the communication deployed with Breaking News of 78%!
The results they achieved
active participation
knowledge mastery
Breaking News open rate

What they throught about it

"With SPARTED, we are present in the daily life of our salesforce through very simple and quick games. This has helped us to achieve our annual target of 30% mixed sales of electric vehicles."
Laure Meignan
Network Training Manager

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