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Cultura turns its sellers into experts

A need to provide a better learning experience
Cultura, a retailer of cultural and creative goods and leisure activities, aimed to distance itself from traditional training methods and to: 1) Better meet the needs of its sales teams, 2) Adapt to the digital era and the new expectations of its employees, and 3) Increase the expertise of its sales staff in their respective fields.
They have implemented SPARTED's mobile learning
Step 1
Content preparation
Cultura's "Start" application is designed to train sales staff in a number of different areas: product knowledge, sales techniques and brand culture.
Step 2
Solution deployment
After a teasing campaign via posters in break rooms, promotion of the application by emailing and a presentation during seminars, Cultura deployed the application to the group's 5,000 employees and regularly launches two-week campaigns ahead of important times of the year such as Christmas or the start of the school year.
Step 3
Progress monitoring
After only 6 months, Cultura launched a first survey among the sales staff hired by the application with a view to going even further in measuring the results and complementing the data already accessible from their Back Office. The result? A 9.4/10 rating for the application and sales staff convinced of the impact on their performance!
The results they achieved
of salespeople feel that they have discovered new aspects of their job thanks to the application
of salespeople felt they performed better thanks to mobile learning (compared to 5% for e-learning)
10 x
cheaper on average than e-learning courses

What they throught about it

"On the learner side, players learn while having fun, on the training team side we have a tool that allows us to create educational content, pilot it and monitor statistics in a simple, innovative and intuitive way."
Maxime Salabert
Digital Learning Project Manager

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