An all-in-one mobile learning SaaS solution

Create microlearning content on a back-office website and release it on a game-based mobile learning application

SPARTED app and back office mobile learning platform

A mobile learning application designed for performance

Mobile learning with bite-sized content

Microlearning to boost memory retention

Your employees play and learn for 3 minutes every day.

Microlearning is a revolutionary concept that improves user experience in professional training.

SPARTED app mobile learning platform
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Bring social back into mobile learning

Social interactions to increase employee engagement

Players can challenge each other through battles and compete in leaderboards.
Employees manage their own profile, can follow their colleagues and interact with them.

A game-based mobile learning solution

Gamification to improve user retention

Users interact with your content through different gameplays, they earn points, badges, levels and gifts.

Pleasure and rewards stimulate employee engagement.

Trois iPhone X contenant pour chacun un Ă©cran de l'application de mobile learning SPARTED
Plusieurs Ă©crans de l'application SPARTED

A white label mobile learning app

A learning app for all smartphones, white label and tailor-made, just for you!

100% customizable with the features you need, your content and your brand identity. Available on app stores!
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Get a indepth tour of our mobile learning solution!

Request a demo and one of our experts will tailor make an indepth tour of solution based on your business needs.

Native and unique mobile learning features

Players can enter challenges on content they played previously

Rewards and inverted learning are our solution’s DNA

Players can access content at all times in an inapp content library

Video content
Release beautiful video content, in addition to images and text

Employees compete for the top position as they learn

Gift shop
Points collected by players can be exchanged for gifts

Push notifications
Daily reminders are sent to players when content is available

Breaking News
Release company news in addition to training content

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Customer Reference
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“Thanks to the KENZO play app, we are training more than 4,440 beauty advisors each month over our brand image, fragrances and beauty products.”

Denis Jaffrain – KENZO Parfums
International Retail Education Director

Denis Jaffrain International Retail Education Director KENZO Parfums

A dedicated Back Office to push learning into mobile phones

Personalize your mobile learning experience directly on the Back Office

Using your content with full autonomy

Thanks to the multilingual, dedicated and user-friendly web back-office you can:
  • Create easily and quickly your own content
  • Distribute it to your different employee segments
  • Monitor analytics about players participation and progression
  • Integrate it with your enterprise LMS
Back office exemple
Un Ă©cran d'accueil du Back Office SPARTED et un Ă©cran de l'accueil de l'application SPARTED

Schedule mobile learning campaigns all year long

Targeting and scheduling made easy and fast

Our unique segmentation tool helps you reach the right audience with the right content, anywhere in the world.

Get a indepth tour of our mobile learning solution!

Request a demo and one of our experts will tailor make an indepth tour of solution based on your business needs.

A mobile learning solution designed for wide-scale deployment

Reach any employee, wherever they are located, whatever the language they speak, whatever their position is

Our mobile application is available in 34 languages and our web back-office helps you manage content translation

View analytics and gain insights into player progress, campaign completion and more!

Tailored content
Create your own content tailored to your business needs so you gain a greater impact

Back office SPARTED exemple

Integrated with your LMS and SSO software


Industry leaders use SPARTED

The largest companies train their employees on a daily basis using our mobile learning platform
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Want to discover more about our mobile learning solution?

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